Idaho has had such an impact on Northern Pine Brewing. From teaching us to love the great outdoors to introducing us to the craft beer scene that launched our taste for good beer, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our Idaho roots.

Almost half of our Kickstarter donations came from family and friends from Idaho and so it was only fitting to make a trip back home to Boise, Idaho to say “thank you” in person and hold a private tasting event.

We loaded up the truck with 4 people, 5 kegs, and 2 dogs and drove 940 miles back home. We pulled into our parent’s driveway with just enough time to unload and head to one of our favorite old stomping grounds, The Dutch Goose. We were very ready for their $1.00 beer night. $1.00 craft beers at “The Goose” were just what we needed after 15 hours on the road. We were so happy to be home!

We were able to host our event and serve our beer at the very special Liquid Lounge in BoDo (Boise, Downtown Division). It was special being at The Liquid because they saved our wedding day five years ago when they offered to hold our reception just 9 days before our wedding when our original venue unexpectedly went bankrupt! We cannot thank Jeremy and Elizabeth (the owners) and their staff enough for supporting us over the years. Once again our support from Idaho was overwhelming and over 125 people attended the event. We loved seeing family, friends, co-workers, brewery reps, and beer lovers all enjoying and celebrating Northern Pine Brewing.

We brought four different styles of beer to Boise to share with our Idaho family and friends. We brewed up a Cream Ale, an IPA dry-hopped with fresh pineapple, a Huckleberry Honey Wheat, and a robust Porter infused with vanilla beans and local coffee from The District. The Porter was then aged with bourbon soaked oak chips.

CJ Ward Photography captured the event for us. We love all of the photos and we are so grateful that we will be able to look back on one of our first official events as Northern Pine Brewing.

It was great to share our product and thank our friends and family face-to-face for everything they have done for us. It was an amazing trip and we hope everyone back home can make it down to Oceanside when the brewery opens!

Cheers to Idaho!